Association of Christian Entrepreneurs Support (ACES) network


The ACES network is a collection of likeminded Entrepreneurs who meet regularly to share ideas and support each other to help build and expand their companies or business ideas.
The plan is to set up a series of small cell groups of ACEers who really support each other on a weekly basis. Then have regional meetings quarterly and national meetings yearly so that everyone gets to share their ideas and gets support.

To build on the playing card theme, we  introduce four types of membership, spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. A member can take on multiple roles:

Spades - helpers who lend support to bring ideas to life
Diamonds - the money lenders, financiers to a project
Clubs - networkers who lend their networking expertise to help get customers for a project
Hearts - lend moral, spiritual guidance to other members and their projects




Focused Groups (DECKS)

ACES wants to support all Entrepreneurs, but also wants to provide specialised support for certain types of Entrepreneurs via Focused Group (decks).
These focused groups could grow into sub-associations.
These would include: ACES, YACES, FACES, MACES, ZACES, and others.



ACES (Association of Christian Entrepreneurs Support) network



  • Be among friends who share your Entreprenurial drive
  • Get guidance on writing business plans, financial plans, marketing plans
  • Get support and mentorship for you ideas
  • Share your business services with wider membership
  • Get financial support for your ideas
  • Join / Set up Community Funds to build collective wealth

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