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ACES network services are designed to touch the different individuals in every family to equip them with relevant life skills for purposeful living. So iFamNet organises courses which are delivered through training workshops, seminars and community support groups or mentoring networks. However, children have play centres or after school clubs for learning relevant life skills. Other relevant organisations and expert individuals are identified to provide more in-depth coaching as well as counselling for individuals and their families.


business support

BUSINESS SUPPORT: ACES will provide support to help our Entrepreneurs  understand what they need to do in order to setup a business, write a business plan, get funding, define there market, and a host of other things needed to help grow their ideas into real money making businesses. Also our members will have the support of other member to help nuture and guide them along the right path. ACES is a community support organisation where we all help each other to grow and learn. Entrepreneurs can live a lonely life trying to make that idea work alone. Let ACES help and support you.


community fund
COMMUNITY FUNDS: ACES support the idea of Community Funds, where a group of individuals get together and pay into a joint fund that will be used to create wealth for the group via leveraging the capital to start a new business, like buying and selling, securing deposits for mortgages, etc. ACES will monitor the fund and prompt members to pay into it, and ensure that the goals that the members set can be reached with the funds at their disposal. ACES does not manage the fund and does not have access to the bank accounts, only the community fiund members have such access. ACES only offers a supporting role.



MENTORING, COACHING AND COUNSELLING: is a set of services that ACES offers to all of its members, through presentations, guest speakers, training events, and through community support and help. ACES members that have the role of 'Spades' will be available to offer appropriate mentoring, coaching and counselling to you to help nurture and grow your idea into something truely wonderful. Make sure you atend the regional and annual meetings and get the expert advice from our guest speakers. The next set of meetings will be posted on this website.


NETWORKING: The ACES network will provide a wealth of networking opportunities, through our regional and national meetings, and also via our website whre you can get access to a much larger set of members to expand your network. ACES member with the role of 'clubs' will have the specialist knowledge to give you advice on how to build and expand your client and customer networks.


SUPPORT GROUPS: ACES is organised into a number of cell groups or community fund groups of around 5-15 members, that provide your with the direct support and friendship you need to support you, your ideas, and your businesses. These groups are meant to be geographically localised so you only have a short distance to physically meet your fellow members in your group. ACES encourages weekly meetings to create the bonds and friendship needed for these groups to work effectively.





ACES has a number of experts on hand to help you in specific areas like accounting, payroll, marketing, business plans, etc.



Workshops & Seminars will be available to help you understand how to build and run you business.



Mentoring. Coaching and Counselling of members by members to provide guideance.



ACES is about members supporting each other to get through those tough times in your business.



ACES members will help you build your client and customer base.